If you need to gather all the scattered offices into one place or if you need the complete office removal,HATO Relocation Center will design total relocation service program to help you by offering all the services you need to your relocation successfully.
We assign a relocation consultant for you to provide relocation consultation, operation, etc.
Planning Your Move Expenses  

<Prior Works>


<The Day>

    Total Relocation Expenses
When you choose the place (office) to move in, be sure to check the following points for your future.
1   When you lay out your new office, please consider
  • extra room for future additional members.
  • the place of duct for air conditioners & electricity efficiency.
2 About Relocation expenses & Schedule, you have to confirm
  • cancellation policy.
  • extra budget for changes & adjustments.
  • schedule not to interrupt your usual business.
3 As for Facilities including IT, you have to plan out
  • future additional modern conveniences.
4 Security should be taken into consideration, whether
  • security system is furnished in the building or not.
  • rate of fire-proof & earthquake-resistance of the building satisfies you
Major expenses for relocation is works related the move. And we recommend you to choose a professional mover to coordinate/consult schedules, expenses, etc.


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