If you need more space for your office or if you have found a good location near to the station, etc., it is the best solution to relocate your office for improvement and potentiality. And we recommend SOHO Relocation & IT Application Plan for a small size move.
Quick response & Follow-up
   Briefing and Simple Application will help you to save time and your office is to be relocated without any trouble or loss.
  • Inspection & Orientation
  • Boxes for Documentation and Small items
  • Packaging Materials
  • Common redecoration to its original state (former condition)
  • Carry-out & Carry-in
  • Lay-out Operation
  • Delivery
  • Follow-up
  • Packaging items for you
  • Taking to pieces/Assembling Facilities for you
  • Complete Redecoration to its original state
  • Installation facilities, electricity, circuit, LAN, etc.
  • Rubbish collection
  • Carry-out/Carry-in of Heavy items such a safe
Inspection & Orientation are required at the application and please feel free to contact us for further details by e-mail or telephone.


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